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Post by Qyer Azaki on May 28th, 2005, 5:52pm


Every RP forum I've ever participated in, has been so full of shit. Minimum word requirements, no cursing, no having fun, no playing any characters that are cool, no killing things, no inappropriately groping things, some fat chick narutard needs to "accept" all your posts before you are allowed to proceed....ect ect.

Here at Henteko Town we believe in being awesome.


The plot behind Henteko Town, is that there is no real plot. We have guidelines, and certain rules of course, but I want to give our members as much freedom as possible while still keeping it fair and enjoyable for everyone.

"Guidelines you say?"
Henteko is an ancient town, filled with dark secrets. It is littered with old, crumbling architecture and run down houses.

The town is host to a demonic portal. Years ago, a clan of witches created a barrier around the town, hoping it would protect the rest of the world by keeping the demons in. Because of this, anyone who has stepped foot into the city limits in the last 85 years, has become trapped. Very few people are able to leave, and if they do, the magic lingers on them, willing them back. The residents are strong and resilient, managing to survive year after year of attacks from demons and other vile life forms.