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Post by Qyer Azaki on May 14th, 2005, 5:28pm

Rules smules... well, I guess there should be some.

- Henteko Town is stricktly anime themed. (no you do not have to pretend to be Japanese or a super saiyan... or whatever your definition of anime is. Simply put, anime style art work only for your characters.)

- One character per account. (unless you're posting with the same characters together. then its fine.)

- Use your character(s) name as your display name.

- No god modding. (this means no directly controlling others characters without asking them permission before hand, no harming them without giving them a chance to react, ect)

- If you are going to speak out of character in the RP boards make sure you clarify you're speaking OCC. (Example of how I do it [[blah blah i'm a hooman irl lawl]])

- Keep your signatures at a reasonable size so they do not stretch the screen.

- BE NICE! If you have an issue with someone there are ways to deal with it and there are ways to not deal with it. If you can't tell the difference then... well. I don't know. I'll do something terrible! Rawr!

As the all powerful owner of Henteko Town I have the right to ban whoever I want for whatever reason I see fit.
Don't worry, my banhammer is still unopened and in its original box.

I don't care about cursing or mild sexual content, censorship is not our style. A few spelling mistakes are no big deal, as long as whatever it is you're trying to say is somewhat coherent. Grammar shmamm- I just sneezed on my keyboard fyi. Short posts are fine once in awhile when you're interacting with other characters, sometimes there just isn't a whole lot to say. But try to at least leave it open for someone to reply.

Go nuts, have fun. Any questions can be forwarded to my secretary... er... just PM me. grin